MJ Yoga Center

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Montgomery, Alabama

Sequencing for Mixed Level Classes - Teacher Training

11:45am - 2:00pm   /   $75

Refine your skills as a yoga teacher. Learn to sequence a well balanced class that is appropriate for a mixed level class.

One of the biggest challenges yoga teachers face is teaching a mixed level class for students at varying levels of experience. In this training, we’ll explore the relationships between the poses and learn how to sequence in a way that accommodates multiple levels in one class. The key is creating a well-sequenced class that cultivates alignment within the flow and allows the space for students to participate at their own level. We’ll look at more advanced asanas and ways to introduce them to your classes. We’ll get on our mats, look at the pose, create sequences together and experience the unfolding of the flow for full understanding. Workshop hours count toward Continuing Education requirements for Yoga Alliance certification